Became a Vendor

Eastern Market Calls for New Vendors

Eastern Market is now accepting applications year-round from antique sellers, arts
and crafts vendors, ethno-specific importers, and prepared food vendors for its
Saturday and Sunday Markets.

Eastern Market is DC’s original and premier outdoor market. It is a vibrant, exciting, and profitable marketplace that is looking for enthusiastic artisans, importers, collectors, and food sellers who can contribute with unique and attractive products.

A non-refundable application fee applies to each application.

You can submit the application electronically by completing the online application forms below:

Online Application Link- Antiques/Vintage/Collectibles Dealers
Online Application link- Arts and Crafts Vendors
Online Application Link- Ethno-Specific Importers
Online Application Link- Tuesday Farmers Market: Farmers
Online Application Link-Tuesday Farmers Market: Producers
Online Application Link- Tuesday Farmers Market: Livestock Farmers
Online Application Link- Prepared Food Vendors

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